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Thames underpin revenue growth with integrated software

18 January 2021

In 2019, Thames Cleaning and Support Services was planning for a period of accelerated sales growth. However, the directors were concerned that the company’s manually-based, time-consuming procedures for mobilising and managing contracts would swamp their teams with additional work and divert their focus away from looking after customers.

ADMIN HEAVY processes included: the storage of contract data in unconnected software packages and spreadsheets, causing duplication of data entry and making analysis difficult; a paper-based timesheet process; a highly manual procedure for ordering, pricing and recharging washroom consumables; a laborious contract start-up procedure, with paper-based systems for capturing starter details, checking right to work and carrying out induction; and last but not least, an entirely spreadsheet-based system for scheduling, managing, monitoring and invoicing window cleaning and other one-off work.

The solution
After a comprehensive review of the market, the directors identified TemplaCMS integrated management software as the solution. As a result, their admin, finance, operations and sales teams are now benefitting from new-found efficiency in every area of the business.

Reduction in back office costs saves time and improves competitiveness

By using a single central database of contract information that shares data seamlessly across all business processes, staff now enter contract data in one area, for example staff hours/pay rates and the software automatically updates data in other areas as appropriate, for example labour budgets. The reduced overhead is leading directly to more competitive tendering.

Timesheets viewed online in real time

Area Managers now complete timesheets in real time whilst in the field, viewing data that is right up to date, including staff on new contract starts. Senior management can authorise budget variances via an electronic workflow system. 

Every revenue and cost stream budgeted and analysed

Full integration between contracts, accounts and billing means Thames have full, real-time visibility of performance versus budget at any level of the company they choose. 

E-trading simplifies management of washroom consumables and cleaning materials

The ordering, delivery and invoicing of cleaning materials and rechargeable consumables is now managed directly with janitorial suppliers via e-trading using EDI (electronic data interface). This eliminates time previously spent on manual processing and ensures clients are recharged at correct rates. 

New contract start-ups faster and more efficient

Using the software’s workflow technology, mobilisation tasks are automatically fired off to staff in different departments and monitored through to completion.Using TemplaCMS Advanced Forms, area managers capture starter details, photographs and signatures directly to their i-Pads on site. Once synced back to the office, HR and Payroll sign them off electronically, automatically updating employee records on the central database. 

Confidence in software leads to contract wins
TemplaCMS has enabled Thames to scale up its window cleaning capability from self-delivery in its core trading area to managing a national contract through subcontractors. Using TemplaCMS Workbills, job alerts are sent out automatically to subcontractors when work is due, complete with work instructions and customer sign-off facility. Thames can ensure that work is carried out on time to the correct specification without close monitoring.  

Information drives performance

Up to date information helps managers improve their individual performance. TemplaCMS Dashboards provides instant access to critical data in user-defined, graphical dashboards. Whether it’s upcoming window cleans, visa expiries, or ageing debt, managers in different departments receive information across different performance measures in a readable and regular format direct to their log-in screen. This ensures that up to date sales, financial, operational and compliance data is available for immediate review and action, cutting down on emailed reports and meeting attendance.

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