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We are a UK-based software developer established over 40 years ago and with hundreds of man years’ experience delivering solutions, whose award-winning contract management system, TemplaCMS ®, delivers a technology foundation for businesses across the UK, Europe and Australia within the contract cleaning/FM industry.

TemplaCMS ® transforms the financial efficiency of our clients’ back-office administration and, with dynamic integration to front line operations, provides a truly end-to-end, joined up solution.  Our clients have discarded their unconnected legacy payroll, accounts, time & attendance, purchasing, work management, help desk, quality audit and mobile app systems and now handle this multi-faceted environment within a consolidated database managed centrally from their client/site contracts, with functionality driven through our integrated modular design. 

Templa Mobile ® extends the interoperability of the central system to operations, whether that be site operations management, mobile special works teams or specialist hygiene services technicians; all are working on real-time, shared information through their own mobile device technology.  With a suite of over 20 integrated modules, TemplaCMS ® has transformed the way cleaning/FM contractors now approach software in their business. No longer is it considered just a necessary overhead. Instead, our clients consider it a partnership in driving efficiency and productivity with the workforce, openness and transparency with the client, and most importantly improving the bottom line.



TemplaCMS Integrated Contract Management Software improves your profitability

Unlock the profit potential of your company by using IT to automate and speed up every day processes. Release your field management to look after staff and customers, rather than waste time on administration. TemplaCMS helps you budget, gives you clear visibility of expenditure, supports your operations and sales teams in their roles and reassures clients that you are serious about customer service.

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The TemplaCMS Workflow module increases productivity and accountability by automating decision processing

TemplaCMS Workflow is fully integrated across all modules in the system. It allows configuration and automation of decision and approval processes that are normally paper or e-mail based.

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The TemplaCMS Pay module ensures your pay run is accurate and on budget

Live e-timesheets allow your area managers to view up to date pay data in real time. ‘Budget versus actual’ analysis takes place before the payroll is run, preventing costly mistakes being made.

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TemplaCMS Quality Audit enables field managers to carry out site specific quality audits on their mobile devices according to a schedule you have loaded to the system

With the Templa CMS Quality Audit module you remove the administrative burden so often associated with paper-based quality auditing. This module lets you centrally create the inspection requirements for each site which are then disseminated automatically to operations field staff for task completion.

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TemplaCMS Mobile App makes your front line staff more effective

With key TemplaCMS functionality loaded to their tablets, field managers can carry out operational and administrative contract-related tasks in the field whilst with staff or with clients.

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Templa Standard Integration to any T&A

With TemplaCMS Standard 2-Way Time and Attendance Integration, TemplaCMS integrates with a full range of on-site T&A hardware technologies from bio-metric and one-time-password devices, through to a mobile app or SIM and client phones.

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The TemplaCMS Customer Service module

There is nothing more frustrating than requests for action getting lost in a manual system of emails and spreadsheets. TemplaCMS Customer Service deals with all requests in a straightforward, logical manner, whether they are simple complaints or complex tasks that need to be managed and tracked centrally such as a new contract mobilisation.

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TemplaCMS Portal

Using four TemplaCMS modules: Employee Portal, Manager Portal, Team Portal and Customer Portal, front-line employees, field managers, special works teams and customers may view and interact with messages, transaction data and documents, enabling them to work and obtain information without visiting, telephoning or emailing the office.

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TemplaBI slices and dices data from multiple data warehouse sources linked in real-time to your TemplaCMS database to analyse any combination of financial or operational performance at any level of your company across any time period. It brings your data to life with live dashboards and reports.

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TemplaCMS Integrated Workforce Management

Contractors use it to manage the practical aspects of employee engagement – onboarding, rostering, attendance, pay and communications. It ensures full control of labour costs through budgeting, analysis, ensuring that all work is correctly invoiced and providing real-time dashboard performance data to management teams.

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