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Sustainability in the Cleaning Sector: The Impact of our Decisions

22nd November 2023 at 10:30am

Every day we weigh the impact of our decisions.

  • How do we waste less, use resources better, and keep employees safe?
  • How can we use purchasing power to advance our broader missions?
  • How do we prepare for the future?

The panel will be discussing how together we can lighten our collective footprint, providing examples of how Kimberly-Clark and other organisations have worked to improve their supply chain to create a smaller footprint, especially in the area of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Busting the Bulk-fill myths. Learn how your hand hygiene can be more cost-effective, sustainable and hygienic

Buying in bulk is often seen as the more cost-effective choice. But when it comes to hand hygiene, the false economy of bulk-fill solutions is actually costing your business, in more ways than one.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ Ben Clibbery – an expert in helping facilities choose hand hygiene solutions that protect their people and their business – will bust the myths around bulk fill soap and sanitiser dispensers, helping you to take control and understand the must-haves to look for when choosing yours.

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How to Save Money Through Better Recycling

Against the backdrop of increased competition, raised consumer expectations, and heightened costs, your business' environmental credentials are under close scrutiny, with 88% of consumers actively wanting brands to help them be more sustainable*

While many businesses have improved their waste management practices among their sustainability goals, the misconception that better recycling costs more is often a barrier to making changes.

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