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Diversey has been, and always will be, a pioneer and facilitator for life. We constantly deliver revolutionary cleaning and hygiene technologies that provide total confidence to our customers across all of our global sectors. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, Diversey employs approximately 9,000 people globally, generating net sales of approximately $2.6 billion in 2017. To find out more please visit www.diversey.com




Refreshing and Sustainable Room Care from Diversey

Diversey’s updated Room Care Pur-Eco range for hotels includes a complete set of products with EU Ecolabel certification covering all daily cleaning tasks.

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Retail and Daytime Cleaning

Retail cleaning presents a challenge when shops are busier and open for longer. Overnight might not be the most convenient or economical time to undertake cleaning operations because of additional wage, lighting, heating and security costs. Most retailers want to keep their premises clean when it matters most, during opening hours, and this means “daytime” cleaning.

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Ultra-Concentrates Offer Many Benefits

Cleaning teams continue to switch from bulk or ready-to-use products to ultra-concentrates to take advantage of enhanced sustainability, greater consistency and lower cost-in-use. Diversey offers ultra-concentrate products covering a wide range of applications so that cleaning teams can quickly, easily and economically prepare solutions for equipment such as spray and toilet bottles, sinks, buckets or cleaning machines.

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TASKI swingo 2100μicro Drives Productivity Forwards

The TASKI swingo 2100μicro (micro) scrubber drier from Diversey is a revolutionary ultra-compact ride-on that delivers the productivity of a ride-on floorcare machine in settings where pedestrian equipment is traditionally used. Its class-leading performance is up to 22 per cent better than comparable models.

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Safer Floors In Wet Weather

Wet and dirty floors can be a common occurrence during autumn and winter when bad weather means building occupiers and visitors bring more water and soiling inside on their shoes. The challenge facing anyone responsible for a building is to ensure that the floor retains its appearance and remains safe. This is where equipment such as a TASKI scrubber drier and other cleaning tools from Diversey can make a real difference to the tasks in hand.

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Quietest Professional Vacuum Cleaner – SSHH!!

The TASKI AERO tub vacuum cleaner from Diversey is believed to be the quietest and most energy-efficient machine currently available on the professional cleaning market.

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Moonbeam3: Making Light Work of Infection Prevention

Moonbeam3 from Diversey delivers powerful UV-C light to provide fast broad area disinfection of high-touch surfaces in hospitals and care homes in as little as three minutes. This is much faster than fogging and almost twice as effective as traditional cleaning and disinfection alone in destroying the pathogens that cause healthcare associated infections (HAIs).

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Choosing the right floorcare products and equipment

Floorcare probably forms part of every cleaning or building care operation in Ireland. But the variety of flooring materials and maintenance products can soon make this seemingly simple task highly complex. A simple idea should help get the best results on the commonest floors.

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Battery Power Ensures Compact Floorcare Autonomy

The TASKI swingo 150B and 350B scrubber driers from Diversey are high-performance battery-powered machines that are ideal for cleaning small floors quickly and efficiently without the restriction and potential hazards of a mains cable.

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Reduce Water, Energy and Product Consumption

One of the biggest current technology trends is the Internet of Things, the interconnection of gadgets, devices, equipment and software across the cloud.

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