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Developed to protect the US military – now fighting UK germs

03 July 2013

TWC introduces surface protector MonoFoil, which it claims is ‘re-defining the approach to infection control’

In the UK and overseas, health chiefs are expressing serious concerns over the emergence of viruses and strains of bacteria with alarming potential to mutate into superbugs.Contact is the most common means of the spread of bacteria and viruses. Visit a washroom, push open the bacteria-laden door, greet a colleague in the corridor with a friendly handshake, make a phone call, grab a bite to eat, wipe your mouth... This most basic scenario demonstrates the ease with which harmful viruses and bacteria can travel quickly through contact of object to person, person to person, and person to object.TWC Deep Clean Company specialises in infection control and the Monofoil treatment we use, is, we believe, one of the world’s most advanced, green, anti-microbial technology which not only eliminates harmful and dangerous germs and bacteria on contact but, by bonding to the surface, also gives on-going, long-term protection against re-contamination with a single, one-off application. Initially developed in the USA to protect the US Military, MonoFoil technology is now used by many major corporations including Disney, Boeing, the NBA, Nestle and Coors. Monofoil continually inhibits any microbial growth, controls odours and protect all surfaces and other areas from any cross-contamination.

Easy to use

Monofoil is quick and easy to apply to all surfaces, including fabrics and upholstery. Just one application of MonoFoil from TWC will continue to protect against re-contamination for up to 12 months with TWC’s method of treatment. A trigger spray offers six months’ protection by manual application and just one wet wipe application offers protection of up to 30 days.

MonoFoil is also available as a laundry additive, rendering treated clothing and fabrics anti-microbial with protection from any recontamination for up to 30 washes. The table below shows ATP testing in a gym one year after a trialMonofoil treatment. For the most part, areas treated remain at food hygiene standards.

How it works

MonoFoil creates a matrix of positively charged ‘sword-shaped’ molecules which durably bond to the substrate. As bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould are negatively charged they are drawn to the antimicrobial layer, speared and electrocuted. This technology is nonleaching so the molecular swords remain intact on the surface ready to destroy the next microbe that approaches.

Unlike traditional sanitisers’ poisoning action against which microbes can develop immunity, MonoFoil’s mechanical destruction prevents micro-organisms from mutating to develop resistance to the anti-microbial, so no new ‘superbugs’ can be created. MonoFoil meets all OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards, is registered with the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and the EPA (US Environment Protection Agency), DoD certified (US Department of Defense) and proven by
independent laboratory testing to be effective against a broad range of harmful viruses and bacteria including Staph (MRSA), C Diff, E.Coli, Klebsiella and Corona virus. For more information contact www.twclimited.co.uk or call the number in the box.