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Creating solutions that make life easier for customers

Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) is a pioneer in creating product solutions that meet the challenging needs of commercial facilities. You’ll see our products throughout hospitals, hotels, sports stadiums, office buildings, restaurants and airports around the world. And you’ll see them there for many years to come. Everything we develop is designed to outperform and outlast the competition.

50 years of proven performance

Durability. Trust. Proven performance. These don’t just describe our products…they describe our way of working. Throughout the history of the company, we’ve lived up to these ideals as we build strong, lasting relationships with our customers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

For more than 50 years, we’ve worked with customers to create solutions that meet the demands created by a diverse range of environments. Whether indoor or out, we’ve always provided the solutions that make life easier for our customers.

Today, we’re proud to be a global leader in the commercial cleaning and hygiene industry – manufacturing exceptional products that deliver results. With better products, the people who use them work better. You can always trust our shield to look after your facility.

Innovation that never looks back

Innovation is at the heart of our legacy, but we’re also proud of the trusted partnerships we’ve created with loyal customers. It’s remarkable how many of our original partners have been by our side since we opened our doors in 1968. Thanks to them, RCP has become the brand it is today, helping people work better behind our shield.

We continue to innovate, developing new ways for our customers to work effectively. Wherever cleaning, refuse and material handling processes contribute to a company’s operations, we’re there to support businesses achieve their goals.

With state-of-the-art facilities spread across four continents and more than 1,700 associates, RCP continues to expand into product categories where brand matters and customers place a premium on innovation.

Sustainable practices as standard

For RCP, it’s not enough to simply innovate to create exceptional products. Our solutions don’t just deliver results; they also generate a lasting impact – helping businesses to meet their Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility and sustainability targets.

The future depends on rethinking the way we consume resources – and commercial organisations have a major role to play in this. That’s why we provide them with solutions made to last; products that they won’t need to replace in a hurry. Companies know they can buy from us once and still rely on that same product decades later, reducing the demand for further consumption.

We’re also a leader in recycling solutions, helping businesses to take meaningful steps on their journey to becoming truly sustainable. Our mission is to be the number one go-to partner for indoor recycling within commercial spaces – a goal we’re well on the way to achieving. Whether it’s the solutions themselves, insights from our expert teams or support with improving user behaviour, we’re always on hand to help our customers create a cleaner, greener future.


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