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The best time to clean your gutters: A month-by-month guide for the UK


CLEANING GUTTERS is a critical, yet often overlooked, aspect of home upkeep. For homeowners in the UK, understanding the right time to schedule these maintenance tasks can save substantial amounts of money and prevent potential damage to your property.

British Institute of Cleaning Science

Creating a career in cleaning?  Is there only one route in? 


Neil Spencer-Cook urges a shift from the conventional approach to discussing career paths in the cleaning industry and advocates for greater visibility of diverse career opportunities beyond cleaning operative roles.

Cleaning Matters Editor

Interclean: Embracing innovation and sustainability


AS WE gear up for Interclean Amsterdam 2024, it's evident that the professional cleaning and hygiene industry is experiencing a transformative period marked by innovation, technological advancements, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability.

Cleaning Matters Editor

The untold stories of migrant women


In the realm of domestic cleaning, hidden behind the closed doors of households, lies a narrative that often escapes our attention – the experiences of migrant women in this workforce.

British Institute of Cleaning Science

Imposter syndrome should not be part of infection control


Kelsey Hargreaves highlights the crucial role of cleaning professionals in various infection control measures and emphasises the importance of risk analysis, hygiene practices, and safety protocols followed by cleaning operatives.

The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association

Valid product performance claims or something meaningless?


Lorcan Mekitarian highlights the increasing issue of unverified product claims in the cleaning industry, driven by challenges in international supply chains and the emphasis on sustainable solutions due to climate change.

British Institute of Cleaning Science

Every day is a school day!


Neil Spencer-Cook describes the need for perpetual learning in the cleaning sector through collaborations, as well as the evolving focus on public health, and the value of apprenticeships.

Cleaning Matters Editor

A testament to progress and innovation


THE STAGING of the Cleaning Excellence Conference & Awards 2023 stands as a remarkable testament to the strides and innovations prevalent in the cleaning industry.

Cleaning Matters Editor

Supporting a national priority


THE BRITISH Cleaning Council (BCC) has embarked on a crucial campaign to elevate cleaning and hygiene to a national priority in the UK.

Robert Scott

Cobotics - the future of cleaning?


ALASTAIR SCOTT, director of sales at Robert Scott, has written an article on robotic solutions and cobotics which look set to dominate the field.