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Cleaning Matters Editor

Supporting a national priority


THE BRITISH Cleaning Council (BCC) has embarked on a crucial campaign to elevate cleaning and hygiene to a national priority in the UK.

Robert Scott

Cobotics - the future of cleaning?


ALASTAIR SCOTT, director of sales at Robert Scott, has written an article on robotic solutions and cobotics which look set to dominate the field.

Cleaning Matters Editor

How we dry our hands can affect the spread of viruses 


ACCORDING TO the European Tissue Paper Industry Association (ETS) there is evidence that Europeans have changed their hand hygiene habits since the Covid-19 pandemic: washing their hands more frequently throughout the day and plumping for paper towels as the most hygienic way to dry hands when out and about.

Cleaning Matters Editor

Infection prevention vs complacency


A REPORT by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) reveals interesting data on work-related stress, depression and anxiety over the last year. While the total number of workers suffering has increased by 11.2%, new cases have actually fallen.

Cleaning Matters Editor

Preparing for the holiday season


Dr Lisa Ackerley, director of medical and scientific engagement, hygiene, at Dettol Pro Solutions explains how travel businesses can prepare for the holiday season of 2022.

Cleaning Matters Editor

How lockdown changed employee support for the better


Lockdown meant that people’s health and wellbeing were forefront of their minds. This, in turn, meant a change in employees’ needs and what support they looked for from their employer. Although the pandemic had so many very negative impacts, as Debra Clark explains there have perhaps been some positive results to be seen in the workplace. 


Sustainable cleaning and recycling


Dominic Ponniah discusses how sustainability has come back to the forefront of the cleaning & hygiene sector, having been pushed down the agenda during lockdown.

Cleaning Matters Editor

How hygiene habits have changed since we first locked down


Dr Lisa Ackerley shares her insight as to how consumer behaviour has shifted in the aftermath of the pandemic, and how both businesses and consumers have a shared responsibility when it comes to reducing the spread of germs.


How COVID has provided a catalyst for AI and digital assistant solutions in facilities management


THE UK is effectively ending the vast majority of its pandemic-related social distancing rules and ONS tracking – and this will no doubt accelerate the rate at which people return to built environments like offices.

Cleaning Matters Editor

2022: A year of challenges and opportunities


Zac Hemming reflects on how the cleaning industry continued to adapt and evolve throughout 2021, and the key learnings that can be taken into 2022.