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How service technology can help the cleaning industry to meet evolving customer needs


Gary Jones at Service Geeni talks about how service technology can help the cleaning industry to provide added value to customers.

Catherine Hackett

New content for a new year


This year, Cleaning Matters celebrates 20 years in the marketplace and, to mark this, 2019 will see some brand new elements introduced into the portfolio. 

CM Guest Blog

How to use cleaning chemicals safely


Cleaning professionals deal with all sorts of chemicals on a daily basis, but all too often we don't take the time to carefully read the safety instructions and warnings on the backs of the different products we use. By not doing this, we are potentially exposing ourselves to severe long-term health problems. 

CM Guest Blog

Spread cheer - not germs - in the office this Christmas


While Christmas is traditionally a time of joy, the combination of cold temperatures with a steady flurry of social events, can create the perfect environment for winter illnesses. Figures for 2017 show the average number of sick days taken has almost halved since 1993 in the UK, meaning many employees are choosing to ignore their sniffles in order to get to the office. This can create an environment for germs to spread, unless key hygiene steps are followed.

Catherine Hackett

Collaboration is key to infection prevention


Cleaning Matters recently attended the first ever Infection Prevention Show in Glasgow (30th September to 2nd October, SEC). It brought together infection prevention and control specialists from across the UK to discuss the increasing difficulties we face in a financially challenging time. It also provided a platform to showcase the latest innovations and technologies in infection prevention and control (IPC).  

CM Guest Blog

Create a more inviting business premises through professional pressure cleaning


Customers and other stakeholders both love businesses with an aesthetically smart and inviting appearance. Much like the way you dress for an important meeting, the way you present your business premises will set a lasting impression among customers, stakeholders and community members. Pressure cleaning provides an effective and responsible way of creating an inviting business premises.

Catherine Hackett

Waste not, want not


A new event focused on resource efficiency and waste management will be launched to run alongside next year's Cleaning Show on 19-21 March 2019 at London's ExCeL.

Lanes for Drains PLC

Drought is right time to prepare for floods


No one should be fooled by the UK’s summer heatwave – now is the right time to prepare for flooding to come, warns drainage specialist Lanes Group plc.

Catherine Hackett

All's well that ends well


These days, I'm pleased to say, worker well-being is increasingly – if indirectly – making the headlines. For instance, some news stories you may have read recently on www.cleaning-matters.co.uk include Enhance Office Cleaning winning a Living Wage Champion Award. It's in recognition of their consistent effort to promote the benefits of paying the voluntary Living Wage to their clients and to others, and therefore champion fair pay within a traditionally low pay industry.  

CM Guest Blog

5 ways blocked guttering could be damaging your business premises


Maintenance of the exterior of your building premises is just as important as the interior, unfortunately the guttering is often neglected which is a big mistake, as gutters which become blocked can cause serious issues resulting in expensive repairs.