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Catherine Hackett

The plastic conversation is fantastic, but...


Plastics are rarely out of the headlines these days. I've talked about it here a number of times but it would be remiss of me not to bring it up again considering how much media coverage it has received recently.

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Only 3% of public have carpets professionally cleaned


Carpets have a reputation for being difficult to clean, which can put people off installing them – especially in a work environment such as an office. However, with the correct maintenance, it is possible to keep carpets looking like new, and it isn’t nearly as hard—or as time-consuming—as one may think.

Catherine Hackett

Facilitating the industry


This month, we're excited to announce the launch of sister publication Facilities Matters. The new magazine will cover all the key aspects of facilities management (FM).

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Major industries that are trusting steam cleaning and why


Steam cleaning has become a popular method of cleaning in several commercial industries. The high temperature and pressure with which it cleans has become a useful way for industries to ensure that high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained.

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Why environmentally sustainable cleaning products are more important than ever


Sustainable cleaning products are now more important than ever. Global campaigns and hard-hitting messages across the media provide us with daily reminders that toxic and disposable cleaning products are having a detrimental effect on our environment.

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How service technology can help the cleaning industry to meet evolving customer needs


Gary Jones at Service Geeni talks about how service technology can help the cleaning industry to provide added value to customers.

Catherine Hackett

New content for a new year


This year, Cleaning Matters celebrates 20 years in the marketplace and, to mark this, 2019 will see some brand new elements introduced into the portfolio. 

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How to use cleaning chemicals safely


Cleaning professionals deal with all sorts of chemicals on a daily basis, but all too often we don't take the time to carefully read the safety instructions and warnings on the backs of the different products we use. By not doing this, we are potentially exposing ourselves to severe long-term health problems. 

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Spread cheer - not germs - in the office this Christmas


While Christmas is traditionally a time of joy, the combination of cold temperatures with a steady flurry of social events, can create the perfect environment for winter illnesses. Figures for 2017 show the average number of sick days taken has almost halved since 1993 in the UK, meaning many employees are choosing to ignore their sniffles in order to get to the office. This can create an environment for germs to spread, unless key hygiene steps are followed.

Catherine Hackett

Collaboration is key to infection prevention


Cleaning Matters recently attended the first ever Infection Prevention Show in Glasgow (30th September to 2nd October, SEC). It brought together infection prevention and control specialists from across the UK to discuss the increasing difficulties we face in a financially challenging time. It also provided a platform to showcase the latest innovations and technologies in infection prevention and control (IPC).