UhUb announces CPD certification

31 March 2022

CREATING THE right standards with effective, quality whole work-force training has always been at the heart of UhUb. As supply chains become more complex, demonstrable training across multiple workforces becomes more important, something the UhUb Community recognises and welcomes.

However, beyond the obvious effects UhUb creates in businesses, UhUb wanted to go further to reassure the whole industry that they are setting the right standards. To that end they have recently been awarded the CPD Certification for ALL the current UhUb Career Path Courses:

  • UhUb Cleaning Training:
  • Induction 
  • Core Skills
  • Advanced Skills
  • UhUb Supervisor Level 1 Training

The CPD accreditation is recognised by hundreds of thousands of professional businesses as the leading accreditation that sets a qualitative benchmark for standards within training. This is a valuable step for UhUb as they have often been seen by some established figures as the new kids on the block, even after 6 years! This firmly establishes their credentials as a high-quality training provider within the cleaning industry.

Stephen Goodall, managing director at UhUb said: “Here at UhUb we pride ourselves on delivering quality demonstrable training and smart intuitive solutions, and that is born out in our growth over the last 2 years, and the response from our Community as we help create training and skills standards in businesses, and facilitate the expansion of effective knowledge networks. This CPD certification demonstrates to all who need it, that we are a training provider sharing high quality, worthwhile training and is a further a formal stamp of approval.” 

If you’d like to find out more about UhUb and how the company can change your business, contact: 

Call: 0203 291 3439