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Element of Inclusion partners with UhUb as Allies Against Racism

04 December 2020

BACK IN March UhUb made a clear statement that they are Allies Against Racism.

Creating a better situation for key workers within the cleaning sector is at the heart of the UhUb philosophy and to that end, through their unique Education Technology, they bring ever developing learning, information and engagement tools to bear.

The statement was the first step and in true UhUb style they put action with the words and partnered with Dr Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey of Element of Inclusion to bring something special into their content catalogue. November saw the launch of the first series of videos in the course that will be shared with the more than 7,000 learners currently on UhUb, to facilitate a change in discussion, knowledge and attitudes.

The course has been designed to help cut through the jargon and make understanding what being truly inclusive really means. It’s dynamic, conversational, and is aimed at creating & facilitating discussion and awareness among individuals, groups or companywide on 4 key topics - Race & Racism, Systemic Racism, Privilege and Antiracism.

This is a clear indicator of how UhUb believes that cleaning staff are not just a set of skills, as important as skills are for lots of reasons, they are people, and in today's world we owe it those we employ or deploy to consider, educate and assist them in arming themselves to deal with what today throws at them.

UhUb firmly believes that the history of training cleaning staff no longer matters, now matters, and things are different now. The company says it thinks it’s time to acknowledge that and adapt to it, as they, and the UhUb community are doing!

If you want to find out more contact UhUb at info@uhub.co.com
Call 0203 291 3439.
Or visit www.uhub.co.com