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UhUb is creating a valuable impact in the cleaning sector as clients train whole-workforces and create unique USP’s

13 November 2018

In the September edition we looked at why clients had made the move to UhUb’s whole-workforce mobile learning. This time we speak to those same clients about their UhUb experience so far. Not on how charming we are (we are), or how lovely it is to have us visit their office (it is. Seriously, we’re a delight!), but rather the experience they had during mobilisation, and what effect UhUb has had across their business, their people, and their clients. The important stuff.

Each client has committed to whole-workforce training in the long term and is considering how that impacts the business operationally in ways not seen before, and in turn, how that benefits clients & staff. This review of ‘the UhUb effect’ allows each to create their own unique USP around UhUb and achieve targets that are important to them, such as Engagement levels & Accreditations, UhUb Accredited Managers, or client focussed goals such as achieving Centres of Excellence and 100% trained sites. 

That’s one of the great things about UhUb. Yes, the City & Guilds Endorsed training forms UhUb’s backbone, but its 360-degree approach is so flexible that every client has their own self determined journey. This way they focus on, and develop, the achievements they feel will create the most value for their particular brand.

In turn we assist that process through constant development of UhUb, and our services, by designing new features alongside Client Community input and cooperation. An approach that has enabled UhUb to quickly develop beyond its original concept and create features such as language assistance, new assessment tools, and the ever-expanding live data reporting suite, which allows clients to demonstrate training success in a way never before seen in the sector.

Enough from us though, let’s hear from our Clients, after all it’s they who matter most here.

From a large pool of questions, we asked them to focus on those that mean the most to them, to be honest, and give us warts and all. This is what they had to say;

Compared to other experiences, how easy was the UhUb launch? 

Jamie Bull (FD) DOC; There will always be challenges for any system that launches to 1,400 staff in one go. However, we found that the use of regular text message communication was a key component to the smooth launch of the system. Coupled with great manager training, the constant availability of the UhUb team, and company documentation, we saw 40% engagement within the first week.

Hector Hernandez (Safety & Compliance Manager) CCM; UhUb was very easy to mobilise compared to other systems as the team kept us fully informed and managed the process extremely well so that it was as painless, non-disruptive, and successful as possible.

Where are you in your UhUb journey, and how quickly did you see benefits? 

Greg Doherty (MD) CCM; We believe we are about half way to reaching our training goals with UhUb after just 8 months, with benefits being obvious in the first 4 months, particularly around monitoring employee training and smart use of the reporting suite.

What about UhUb or its affects do you like most personally? 

Jamie Bull, DOC; From a management perspective, I like that we can now acknowledge and reward those members of staff who are making an effort to improve their skills. Not only can you recognise high performing cleaners, but also Site and Regional Managers who are working hard to upskill their workforce. 

Greg Doherty, CCM; Knowing exactly where all staff are with their training progress, in any given contract, using the reports is making a big difference.

How important is the Engagement Eco-System of UhUb?

Jamie Bull, DOC; We operate in an industry where people are key to the level of service that we provide. Given the number of staff that are employed, engaging with them all in a consistent manner can be a challenge. However, using UhUb we now have the ability to connect with all employees and send them notices, which is much more effective than emails which often go unnoticed.

Greg Doherty, CCM; The Engagement element of UhUb is very important and makes a real difference to how staff view and use the system. It means we can communicate and engage beyond the training.

What challenges did UhUb bring, and how did you solve them?

Greg Doherty, CCM; There is definitely a culture change around whole-workforce training, engagement, and assessment, which is always going to be a challenge. So, we are continuing to develop our own internal methods to ensure all staff are engaged and properly followed up and assessed. We know UhUb are soon to release an in-system assessment pack which we are looking forward to, as it will ensure that all are assessed in exactly the same way.

Have you found UhUb’s community approach to development useful, and have you contributed to it? If so what has been the benefit?

Hector Hernandez, CCM; The community approach is allowing us to affect the development of UhUb and ensure that our needs are catered for. As development is free for anything that can be used by all UhUb Community members this has enabled us to contribute to and receive the benefits of new features without additional cost. Of particular importance to CCM is the always developing reports and the way we can use them to share and demonstrate success with our clients.

UhUb is Endorsed by City & Guilds and is expanding and developing its learning path. What’s the value of that?

Jamie Bull, DOC; This partnership helps us demonstrate the credentials of the system when speaking about UhUb to our clients. City and Guilds is a name they are all familiar with and helps prove the underlying quality of the great training content being provided. With UhUb developing new courses for Supervisors as well as new cleaner lessons over the coming year the impact will be more and more positive, especially around career development.

Greg Doherty, CCM; This is extremely valuable to CCM. It means that the excellent training UhUb already provides is now endorsed by a learning body everyone can recognise. It adds further credibility to the career development we provide our staff.

What do you think of the reporting suite? How does this compare with previous reporting capabilities you have had?

Jamie Bull, DOC; Traditionally training records have always been maintained in hard copy format, which by its nature is manual, and relies on the accuracy of those who are responsible. As the training was usually ongoing the forms were often left on site, meaning it was not easy for management to check the progress of training. Now with UhUb, at the click of a button we can access live training reports for all staff and management across the company. This is great to provide clients upon demand and include in monthly management reports.

What do your clients like the most about how you use UhUb? How have they reacted?

Jamie Bull, DOC; So far, the reaction from our clients has been emphatically positive. It is often difficult to justify the cost which has been budgeted for training, but we now have a system that does exactly that. In addition to this, we are able to obtain ‘Centre of Excellence’ awards (amongst others) for clients to substantiate the quality of our service. 

Hector Hernandez, CCM; Our clients are particularly interested in the reporting suite as this allows us to demonstrate in real time exactly who has achieved what, and importantly allows us to demonstrate how we are planning our training and engagement progress in the future. Clients are extremely positive about UhUb.

How would you compare UhUb against other innovation in the sector? 

Richard Felton, (Corporate Development Manager), CCM; Compared to other innovation UhUb is proving to be unique and very useful. It definitely gives us an edge, and as it is constantly developing will be something we use in ever creative ways to develop our own UhUb USP. The fact that through the Client Community we can really affect its development is another great plus.

So, there you go, thanks for reading. As always, we thank DOC and CCM for their input, it’s very much appreciated, and in the next edition we will discuss where they see Training going in the future. 

In the meantime, why not get in touch? In 20 minutes we could change the way you look at training forever.