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A pandemic of overnight deepcleaners?

13 July 2020

A cleaning professional claims that some organisations are making false claims and taking advantage of businesses when it comes to COVID-19 deep cleaning and decontamination activities.

According to Douglas Griebenouw from MYdeepclean.com, there are 'atrocities' currently taking place within deep cleaning, decontamination and disinfection of Businesses, Schools and the local Community.

Griebenouw said: "Owning a fogger or sprayer does not give anyone the right to undertake any disinfection work and pray on the vulnerability of businesses or schools who are attempting to get back to what they do best.

Decontamination companies have spent years disinfecting sites by implementing the correct procedures, protocols and ensuring the efficacy of the products they use.
There is a lot more to improving the bio-security of a facility then simply ‘spraying down’ and ‘wiping down’ a surface. Furthermore, understanding the complexities of the chemicals used can make a massive difference in improving or damaging a facilities overall bio-security."

Over the last few months, Griebenouw has come across a "truly shocking" amount of ‘overnight deepcleaners’, describing the amount of companies incorporated in March and April 2020 to carry out deep cleaning services as "staggering." He warned that this large number showcases the amount of unqualified personnel who are on the frontline fighting a pandemic: "If I were to read a book on dentistry tonight, would you allow me to work on your teeth tomorrow? Of course not."

He continued: "These companies must know that they are risking the lives of their staff, their staff’s families and everyone who may step foot into that facility. The equipment used is not fit for purpose, inadequate chemicals are being used and the protocols incorporated do not make your facility safe.

"We ask each and everyone of you, before you decide on which company is going to carry out the work you require, please do your research! Get references, ask the tough questions, ask for method statements, ask for risk assessments. You may not understand all the jargon but if a company worth its salt cannot even provide these simple documents, you are best off looking elsewhere. A cheap deal is not always a good deal."