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ICE AquaSmart - it's time to make a change

05 March 2021

RIGHT NOW, as the world is dealing with the huge effects and consequences of the coronavirus, another global crisis continues to worsen every day.

ICE AquaSmart is powered by Sanzonate. It is estimated the UK has regressed 7-10 years in our environmental pledges due to the pandemic, and the amount of plastic flowing into our seas will have tripled by 2040 without drastic changes in our behaviour, approach, and attitudes – we must act now, and we all have our part to play.

ICE AquaSmart (powered by Sanzonate) is a powerful new chemical-free cleaning and sanitising solution, which is suitable for any cleaning application or sector. According to ICE, unlike other Aqueous Ozone systems, ICE AquaSmart eliminates the ongoing costs and plastic waste associated with stabilising products, as no replacement cartridges are needed.

ICE AquaSmart is easy and safe for your staff to produce and use, with no COSHH training required. Every time you use ICE AquaSmart you are reducing chemical usage, increasing cleaning efficiency, and helping to save the planet.

Aqueous Ozone is a fully sustainable, natural cleaner and sanitiser, and is completely harmless to humans and animals. It is said to be more powerful than bleach and is effective against bacteria, moulds, and viruses.

This safe and sustainable solution offers businesses the opportunity to incorporate chemical free cleaning and sanitising within their facilities and results in valuable cost savings and sustainability benefits. 

To find out more about how ICE AquaSmart can be incorporated into your daily cleaning operations, watch this video
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