Prepared for flu season?

13 August 2018

We are on the brink of the 'flu season and Northwood, the UK manufacturer of away from home disposable paper products, is in a position to help, explains marketing manager Paul Mulready.

Flu is spread by droplets and contact transmission and the cornerstone of effective control is to try and at least reduce its spread by scrupulous attention to hand hygiene and the containment of respiratory secretions produced by coughing and sneezing. 

The old adage, 'coughs and sneezes spread diseases' still hold true and yet the idea that hands should be washed regularly has still not gained the traction among the general population that it certainly deserves.

So when should hands be washed? Well when they are visibly soiled of course, after using the washroom and then, arguably it gets a bit difficult in the 'away from home' context unless it's in hospital or healthcare as it can seem a bit irrelevant, even comic or blindingly obvious.

Not many come into contact with animals at their place of work, but if they do and they touch them, then they should wash their hands. If rubbish and waste is being removed, then wash hands immediately afterwards.

Obvious of course, though it is interesting that expert guidance says that gloves are not a substitute for washing hands.

Given that the UK does not have the greatest of records of effective hand washing, with some statistics showing that only 38% of men and 60% of women regularly wash their hands after going to the toilet, there is clearly room for improvement!

The provision of excellent facilities to encourage the practice is an important first step. No matter what enlightened management techniques, nudge theory or incentive schemes for example, are employed, the facilities have to be sufficiently welcoming and well provisioned so that they in no way constitute a barrier to good hand hygiene practice.

Northwood's Leonardo Dispensing Systems offer a complete, flexible and cost effective range of both tissue and soap dispensers that help create a good looking, hygienic washroom that encourages users to take full advantage of the facilities. 

Unlike bars of soap which if large, need to be able to drain, or if small need to frequently be replaced in order to maintain hygiene standards, the Leonardo dispensers incorporate the very latest features in touchless electronic soap dispensing. Offering foam or liquid soap options, both with perfumed and un-perfumed variants, both being anti-bacterial. The 700 ml capacity packs are easy to change with replaceable pumps. The soaps are dermatologist approved making them suitable for use on sensitive skin and for those with skin complaints.

The hand towel dispensers match the design of the soap dispensers to create a pleasingly uniform look and come with the easy to maintain features that have made them such a favourite with management and operator alike. The manually operated dispensers have Bio-Kleen coated handles, and there are no-touch dispensing options with paper- in or out alternatives. Single sheet presentation reduces over usage and helps keep the area tidy with considerably reduced waste.