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Dispensers encourage hand hygiene compliance

20 October 2017

Hand hygiene is an essential part of any health regime that is trying to inhibit the spread of infection. It is widely acknowledged as being the single most important part of that process and that is because studies have shown that breaking the transmission phase of the cycle is one of the most effective ways to prevent infection, explains Paul Mulready, marketing manager at Northwood Hygiene Products

Bacteria are everywhere and though the thorough cleaning of floors and surfaces are an integral element of each and every successful hygiene programme, unless it is some specialist super clean environment, people are going to pick them up.

The trick is not to pass them on. That way the effects of major flu epidemics and similar infections in closed communities such as schools, offices, hotels etc are mitigated and the misery of the symptoms, the absenteeism, the disruption and consequent loss of output and margin are all much reduced.

Of course places such as hospitals and healthcare facilities, which are hygiene critical face this problem daily, whilst other workplaces only seem to become aware when the dreaded ‘flu season strikes. 

Like now and through the winter. This is where Leonardo dispensing systems can help. If picking up the micro-organisms that cause this misery is almost inevitable, stopping them spreading to others in the workplace isn’t.

Handwashing suspends these micro-organisms and allows them to be mechanically removed by rinsing under running water and then drying with a disposable paper towel.

Northwood Hygiene’s Leonardo range of towel dispensers and soap dispensers are designed to be both easy to clean and can offer hands free dispensing, delivering the most effective and most appropriate levels of hygiene to virtually any organisation.

The towel dispensers have single sheet presentation, some from enclosed cases and the soap dispensers have touchless dispensing with a manual back up should there be a battery failure.

Of course cost is an important factor. Leonardo dispensing systems have shown that they are hugely cost in use efficient, with less excess usage, tidier washrooms and are popular with maintenance teams for the ease of cleaning and monitoring.

It is difficult to both inspire and enforce a hand hygiene culture amongst almost any large group of people, even those in the medical profession admit to something quite a lot less than perfection in that regard, but the provision of good looking, efficient and easy to monitor dispensers that rarely if ever, run out of tissue help to create washrooms that encourage compliance. That helps infection control and that helps everyone.