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High capacity disinfection tunnels used at Joshua v Pulev title fight

01 March 2021

NEW BIOSECURITY measures were used at the recent Joshua v Pulev heavyweight title clash, which saw the roll out of a new, high-capacity disinfection tunnel with a flow rate of 5400 people per hour.

SpectrumX Healthcare's three-lane pods were used by the athletes, staff and press at Saturday’s event.

The SpectrumX tunnels are designed to work in real life conditions, allowing attendees at major public events such as Saturday’s fight, or Premier League football, to enter and exit stadia with little or no delay.

SpectriPOD tunnels work by taking the concept of sanitising or washing hands and extending it out over the entire body. The pods deliver an ultra-fine mist of anti-viral and anti-microbial sanitising solution, Spectricept, capable of neutralising germs on hair, skin and clothing.

So far over 2000 attendees at Matchroom events such as Saturday’s fight have passed through the SpectrumX pods. Not a single case of coronavirus infection has been reported at any of these events. The use of the tunnels at Saturday’s fight is just one part of a raft of safety measures, including temperature checks, coronavirus testing and the appropriate use of facemasks and social distancing designed to increase biosecurity at the event.

Damien Hancox, chief executive of SpectrumX Healthcare said: “We are delighted that Matchroom has once again agreed to use our technology at the event. This demonstrates the organisers’ commitment to provide the safest possible environment, and moves us one step closer to increasing to full capacity the number of fans allowed back into live sporting events.”

The use of the pods at Saturday’s fight is part of the development of a ‘Cleanzone’ concept designed to protect not only those people attending major events but also the wider community. The safety measures, including the use of the sanitisation tunnel, will provide the safest possible environment within the venue, dramatically reducing the possibility of cross infection from COVID-19 or any other virus. By insisting that attendees also pass through the SpectriPOD on departure, the system could also add an extra layer of security against any remaining infection being taken out into the wider community such as the surrounding transport networks.

SpectriPODs are said to be the only sanitising tunnels in the world to use the patent-pending disinfectant, Spectricept. Spectricept is a 100% human safe, bio-compatiable, antiviral and antimicrobial formulation, derived from HOCL, which is found in human white blood cells. The patent-pending Spectricept formulation is the only formulation of HOCl which is effective in real life conditions, cutting through dirt and sweat to kill 99.99996% of all bacteria and viruses it comes into contact with, including on hair, skin and clothes.

For more information visit www.spectrumx.com