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Cleaning robot could empower healthcare teams

06 January 2021

ROBOTICS AND AI experts have developed an ultraviolet light robot, which is clinically proven to kill viruses, bacteria and harmful germs.

Inspired by the potential for robotics and AI technology to empower people, a team from Ireland-based Akara has developed the robot in a bid to ease the burden on some of the world's most advanced healthcare systems. 

Violet is an ultraviolet light robot which, according to the development team, is clinically proven to kill viruses, bacteria and harmful germs.

The robot leverages more than 12 months research in UV light disinfection technology, conducted at Ireland’s top University. The HSE (Irish Health Service) has fast-tracked its development, stating that it has great potential to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Violet can greatly reduce dependency on the use of chemical-based solutions, which may be effective but require rooms to be vacated for several hours during sterilisation, making them impractical for many parts of the hospital. In addition, many pieces of high-tech equipment cannot be disinfected using 'deep chemicals', so manual cleaning is needed.

A company spokesperson said: "As the demand for healthcare workers continues to grow, we believe that the only way to relieve pressure on the system is to develop tools that enable workers to be more effective and to do more with less."

The co-founding team has more than a decade of experience developing advanced robotics and AI systems, and the company builds on over a decade of pioneering scientific research, led by Professor Conor McGinn in his lab in Trinity College Dublin.

For more information visit https://www.akara.ai/violet.html