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Slowing the spread of COVID-19 in schools

11 March 2021

As schools start to welcome more pupils back through their doors, Rachel Stephenson, trade marketing manager at GOJO Industries-Europe looks at the measures FMs need to put in place to make schools safer places for staff and students alike.

FROM TAKING the bus to classroom learning, the school day involves many opportunities for children to spread germs, even with new best practices like social distancing in place. 

Consider hand sanitiser dispensers
Herding whole classrooms full of children in and out of washrooms for them to wash their hands regularly is fraught with logistical difficulties. Placing wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispensers in classrooms, where they can be used on entrance and exit, under the watchful eye of a teacher, provides an effective alternative which can be done without interrupting the learning process.

Maintaining a healthy environment
Surface disinfection also plays a significant role in slowing the spread of germs in schools. Germs often live on surfaces that we touch, and we can pick up those germs which could potentially make us sick.

To break this cycle of germ transmission, the UK government recommends cleaning frequently touched surfaces should be wiped down at least twice a day. Ensure you read the product labels to find contact times and instructions for before and after use to help pick the right product for the job. Consider developing a schedule for increased, routine cleaning and disinfection.

Placing sanitising products for maximum effectiveness

High-traffic and high-risk areas like canteens and other common areas need readily available solutions such as wall-mounted or freestanding dispensers to encourage frequent use. 

As teachers and staff take on an increased role in disinfecting their work areas throughout the day, empower them by providing a couple of canisters of surface disinfecting wipes and surface spray to store within their rooms. Again, be sure to look out for storage directions and hazard statements on the label.

Keeping schools free of COVID-19 and other infectious disease outbreaks requires everyone to take an active role. Using products that are safe, effective, and pleasant to use, such as those from the PURELL® range is a great way to ensure increased compliance by staff and students alike.

For more detailed information on hand and surface sanitising best practices, as well as assets for use in educational settings, please call +44 (0)1908 588444, email infouk@gojo.com or visit www.gojo.com