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GOJO Industries winds down European operations

11 June 2024

AFTER YEARS of financial struggle, GOJO Industries, a global leader in skincare and surface cleaning solutions, has announced the winding down of its European operations. This decision comes following an extensive strategic review aimed at finding a sustainable path forward for GOJO Europe.

In a press release issued by GOJO Industries, it was revealed that the company's European business arm has faced financial challenges for more than a decade. Despite substantial support from the United States headquarters during this period, efforts to revitalise the European operations have proven unsuccessful.

The decision to wind down operations in Europe follows a strategic review conducted with the assistance of external experts. Various options, including turnaround strategies and potential sale, were explored extensively. However, none of these options were deemed viable for ensuring the long-term sustainability of GOJO Europe.

"While the decision to wind down our European operations may seem abrupt, it comes after exhaustive efforts to achieve financial viability in the region," stated a spokesperson from GOJO Industries. "We deeply regret the impact this decision will have on our team members in Europe, and we express our gratitude for their dedication and contributions over the years."

As part of the wind-down process, GOJO Industries will continue to produce products in France in the immediate term and make existing inventory available to European business customers. Efforts are also underway to minimise disruption for customers and partners affected by this decision.

GOJO Industries expressed appreciation for the support received from industry partners throughout the years and assured stakeholders of its commitment to ensuring a smooth transition. In the UK, the management of the business will be overseen by AlixPartners.

The announcement of GOJO Industries' decision to wind down its European operations marks a significant development in the company's global strategy. The decision reflects the company's commitment to addressing longstanding financial challenges and ensuring the sustainability of its business in the long term.