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Helping create healthier spaces

11 March 2020

Skin health specialist, GOJO Industries-Europe is launching a new solution to help fight the spread of germs in facilities across a variety of industries.

Available in the UK, France, and Germany from January, the Purell Solution features new dispensers and a brand new type of ‘healthy soap’, which benefits from ‘Clean Release Technology’ (CRT).

Purell Healthy Soap foam hand wash products with CRT are formulated to loosen dirt and germs, and the formulations are said to remove more than 99% of dirt and germs. Even with frequent use, they are designed to be gentle on the skin.

According to GOJO, up to 3.4 times fewer germs are left on the skin when hands are washed with Purell Healthy Soap, as the technology allows the product to access hard-to-reach areas of the skin. Dermatologically tested and formulated for dry and sensitive skin, the formulation includes 90% naturally derived ingredients, and leaves 2x less residue on the skin. It is available with or without fragrance.

The new Purell ES8 dispenser addresses the two most common service issues: dispensers running empty and worn out batteries. Its ‘At-a-glance’ refill design makes it easy to monitor product levels with one quick look, saving both time and labour – and potential customer complaints about empty dispensers.

Incorporating ‘Energy-on-the-Refill’ technology, each refill comes with an integrated battery. This enables continuous touch-free dispensing without the worry of the battery wearing out or the hassle of having to change it. As well as Purell Healthy Soap, High Performance Foam Hand Wash, the dispenser is also compatible with Purell Healthy Soap Mild Foam.

This dispenser has also been designed with sustainability in mind. GOJO says that when compared to the leading touch-free systems on the market, the Purell ES8 system represents a 68% reduction in battery waste and a 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over its lifetime.

Chris Wakefield, vice president, European Marketing & Product Development, GOJO Industries-Europe, said: "The Purell brand is recognised around the world as a way to provide fast and effective protection from germs. Best known for our trusted hand sanitiser, we are proud to offer a total solution which sets new standards for performance and efficacy.

"The Purell Solution offers businesses an effective, 360° package. As well as supplying specialist soap formulations and innovative dispensers, we offer added value in the form of educational signage and materials, to actively encourage best practice in hand hygiene."

For a tailored, effective, complete solution for your setting, or for more information on the benefits of partnering with GOJO, visit www.gojo.co.uk