Get your hands dirty

17 October 2017

Essity was urging people to get their hands dirty for Global Handwashing Day on 15th October 2017.

The manufacturer of market-leading professional hygiene brand Tork turned the hand hygiene message on its head and emphasised the importance of dirtying the hands.

“Getting your hands dirty means you’re committed,” said Tork product manager Steve Palmer. “Whether you are a chef, an engineer, a mechanic or a gardener, dirty hands will demonstrate your passion and dedication to hard work. 

“People who get their hands dirty are life’s game-changers and innovators: they’re the ones who take the risks and are not afraid to fail. Our hands are our greatest tools – so let’s put them to work.”

As part of its Global Handwashing Day initiative Essity provided a series of videos, infographics and thought leadership articles that celebrate those people who dirty their hands. The company also underlined the importance of thoroughly cleaning the hands afterwards and demonstrated the best way of doing so.

Essity particularly highlighted those areas of the hands that are frequently neglected when washing such as the thumbs, the backs and sides of the hands and the fingertips. The company also emphasised the need to thoroughly dry the hands with a paper hand towel afterwards since the friction caused by rubbing helps to physically remove bacteria from the hands.