Assured virucidal disinfection

17 June 2016

Evans Vanodine has introduced a new virucidal, unperfumed, disinfectant cleaner, Safe Zone Plus, which cleans and disinfects in one operation.

To substantiate a claim that a disinfectant is virucidal and is suitable for use in high risk areas, it must be tested according to the appropriate European test method. EN 14476:2013 + A1:2015 is used to demonstrate activity against Poliovirus, Adenovirus and Murine Norovirus; which will allow a claim against all enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. Safe Zone Plus has passed EN 14476 against these viruses and others of importance in the healthcare setting. 

Disinfectants are an essential part of infection prevention and control in high risk areas such as hospitals and nursing homes. During periods of high infection, such as influenza and norovirus outbreaks, using Safe Zone Plus in public areas to disinfect hand contact surfaces will help to break the cycle of transmission of infection.

Safe Zone Plus is suitable for use in medical areas, such as hospitals, doctors surgeries and nursing homes, as well as in schools and gymnasiums and leisure centres. It is available in a 750ml ready to use trigger spray and a 5L refill.