You may be serving up more than you think

29 July 2014

Food manufacturing companies and chefs spend a vast amount of time choosing and preparing the best ingredients but if they are complacent about hand hygiene, they could be risking an outbreak of food poisoning.

Washing hands thoroughly with a good hand wash is acceptable in many situations but when food is being prepared, handled or served, a proven bactericidal hand wash should be used. This will help to avoid the risk of infection and cross contamination and safeguard their reputation.

There are many products which claim a kill rate of 99.9% but make no reference to any European Standards. Following two years of intensive research, chemists at Evans Vanodine are now in an enviable position to be able to manufacture proven bactericidal hand washes and provide Microbiological reports to confirm that both TRIGON FOAM PLUS and their latest formulation TRIGON PLUS, pass the European Standards which prove they successfully kill 99.999% of bacteria.

TRIGON PLUS is an unperfumed liquid hand wash, making it ideal where food is handled or prepared, as well as in healthcare and wherever hand hygiene is of the utmost importance. It passes EN 1499, EN 13727 and EN 1276, killing 99.999% of bacteria. It also contains moisturising ingredients, ideal when frequent hand washing is necessary.

TRIGON PLUS is supplied in a 500ml pump bottle, 5 litre refill and a 1 litre cartridge, for use in the Evans Evolve dispenser.

Download a Microbiology profile on the Evans Vanodine website and find out more about the difference between a bactericidal kill rate of 99.9% and 99.999%.