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Coronavirus: Practical infection prevention tips

02 March 2020

Rachel Stephenson, trade marketing manager at GOJO Industries-Europe, provides insight and advice on minimising the risk of Coronavirus.

The new coronavirus outbreak has been hitting headlines as the number of confirmed cases continue to increase. The new strain of coronavirus, officially named as Covid-19, can cause flu-like symptoms ranging from a mild cold to pneumonia and severe lung problems.

How to minimise the risk
One of the best ways to minimise the risk of contracting Covid-19, or any other virus for that matter, is to practise good hand hygiene. Hundreds of studies have proven that it can break the chain of infection and it is currently the first recommendation from The World Health Organization.

Now is a good time to review washroom facilities and ensure they are equipped with effective dispensers that are simple to operate and filled with products that are pleasant to use and gentle on skin but can still eradicate dangerous pathogens. 

As well as in key germ hot spots like the washroom, placing dispensers or bottles of hand sanitisers such as PURELL in high traffic zones, such as the main entrance/exit to the building and at busy reception areas, can help to reduce the spread of germs around the building.

Don’t forget about surface hygiene either. Any surface that staff or customers touch frequently should be cleaned regularly with a virucidal cleaner. Lift buttons, light/power switches, door handles and reception counters are all innocuous surfaces that could harbour harmful bacteria. 

Communication is key
Actively promoting and reminding everybody within a facility to practise hand hygiene can boost compliance. Eye-catching signage such as posters are very effective as a prompt to remind people to wash or sanitise their hands as well as illustrating the most effective technique.

Finally, employers and managers should communicate with their staff and remind them of the importance of hand hygiene; not only for their own benefit during the coronavirus crisis, but to achieve a healthier facility in the future.

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