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Coronavirus quarantine rules come into force

08 June 2020

From today, rules have come into effect requiring that most people arriving in the UK must self isolate for 14 days.

The government states that people must be able to provide an address where they intend to stay for the duration of the self isolation. This, the government says is to prevent a second wave of Coronavirus infections.

Commenting on the announcement by the Home Secretary of quarantine arrangements for travel into the UK, Stephen Phipson, chief executive of Make UK, said: "Industry will be disappointed with this measure which is isolationist and will prevent many essential daily cross border journeys to provide service and maintenance.

"Additionally air freight on passenger aircraft provides a significant proportion of UK export and supply chain capacity all of which is vital to operations as companies begin to get up and running.
"Instead, we need to learn the lessons from the Far East after Sars where countries agreed a common set of procedures and standards to restore confidence in people's ability to fly. Such an agreement of standards internationally would allow freight to keep moving, people to get flying and business to happen.

"We would urge the government to join the United States and other European countries who are keen to commit to such an agreement. And to do this quickly."