2020: A year of change

05 February 2020

This year looks set to become a year of change, not least because of the implementation of Brexit and growing concerns about diminishing workforces. It’s already a year of change for Cleaning Matters, which we hope will enhance your enjoyment of this publication - both in print and online.

Firstly, Catherine Hackett, who has been a hugely popular editor, having helped to establish this magazine as the market leader, has moved to our sister publication, Fire Safety Matters. I am thrilled to take over the reins and look forward to working with you and hearing your thoughts, opinions and analysis on this fascinating industry.

Having previously worked on health & safety and healthcare titles, I will be continuing to explore the technology, trends and challenges of the cleaning sector - in particular the increasing pressures of adhering to sustainable working practices. 

Another major change for Cleaning Matters is that WBE business has now separated from Nineteen Group and will now be known as Western Business Media.

According to Western Business Media CEO, Mark Sennett, this will enable the company to work closely with Nineteen Group and to support their events. “This MBO allows us to significantly invest in the publishing business to ensure we maintain our magazines as market leaders and continue to expand our reach across new and exciting digital platforms,” he explained. 

This is fantastic news for Cleaning Matters magazine, and means we can provide you with even more news, analysis, industry opinion and thought leadership across our print and online platforms. It will also enable you to have even closer insight into the cleaning sector via additional supplements, round tables and webinars.

Interactivity will be key for Cleaning Matters throughout 2020, and we invite you to take part in our online survey to share your thoughts on the catering and hospitality sectors - both of which may be heavily impacted by Brexit. Having analysed the data we receive, we will then publish a summary report, which will be published in March 2020. To take part click here.

As we enter both a new year and new decade, there is a tangible sense of uncertainty across all sectors, with the ‘unknowns’ of Brexit laying heavy in the air. We are keen to hear the impact this has on your day-to-day business, to enable other readers to share - and learn from - your own strategies.

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