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Antiviral sanitisation: What is it? How can it help with coronavirus?

30 November 2020

COVID-19 IS waging a war on the world. It’s turned our lives upside down and has ultimately brought with it a ‘new normal’ that we’re all having to deal with.

With the virus continuing to spread at speed and a second national lockdown brought into effect, antiviral sanitisation cleaning has become one such weapon in Cleaning Express' armoury and is needed now more than ever.

While we may be in second lockdown, this time around has seen a few new rules, namely some of those unable to work from home may still go to work. This has seen a great deal of working environments as well as other public spaces looking at antiviral sanitisation in a bid to control the spread and ultimately kill the virus. So what exactly is antiviral sanitisation?

What is antiviral sanitisation?

Antiviral sanitisation is a method of cleaning that can take place both at home and at the office. Why? Because microorganisms are everywhere and as such, we need to carry out effective cleaning of said microorganisms in order to prevent spreading the disease. Antiviral sanitisation is one such way that we can effectively keep germs at bay. Not only does it utilise professional equipment but it also involves a method of cleaning that uses either a spray or a towel application to all surfaces with a BS EN 1276 certified chemical disinfectant.

This type of cleaning is performed by certified technicians who have been trained thoroughly in the art of antiviral sanitisation to ensure the best level of cleaning possible. 

Does it work against COVID-19 specifically?

Antiviral sanitisation works against coronavirus or COVID-19 with ease. Coronavirus is what’s known as a basic ‘enveloped’ virus. This refers to a virus that’s enclosed or encapsulated within a membrane. This membrane acts as an envelope and it’s this ‘envelope’ that’s used by the virus to attach itself to host cells and essentially replicate and spread. The membrane of the coronavirus cell however is quite fragile and susceptible to things such as temperature change, pH level changes and of course… disinfectants. 

While we may be struggling to find a vaccine to kill the virus once it’s inside of our bodies, antiviral sanitisation has been an incredibly effective method of killing the virus on surfaces outside of the body, making it a great way to clean work areas and even homes. Many landlords use antiviral cleaning during an end of tenancy clean for when new tenants move in.

Who can help?

Thankfully, there are companies up and down the country who can help. One such company who’s already being called on, time and again, to provide antiviral sanitisation services in offices, homes and even retail spaces is Cleaning Express. Cleaning Express provides commercial and domestic cleaning services in London which include antiviral disinfection and can provide this service for you too.

For more information, contact 0203 633 0390.