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Burnisher 430 maintains your floor’s original shine

09 July 2019

If hard floors get a lot of foot traffic, their finish can degrade fast. Enter the Burnisher 430 from The Preparation Group. It cleans off dirt and debris and maintains a high gloss, glass-like finish on any shiny surface; vinyl, tiles, polished concrete and resin floor systems.

Used with the company’s Storm Diamond Pads, its high-speed operation (1500rpm) glazes as it glides, producing a long-lasting shine. The floating head with adjustable control ensures that pad pressure is maintained across different floors.

The powerful 1.6kw motor, means the Burnisher 430 can handle any sized job whilst remaining smooth and quiet so as not to disturb daily operations. Simple controls and a quick adjustable handle height for operator comfort, make it super easy to use. The handle also folds down for transportation and efficient storage. When used dry, the onboard dust collection port ensures clean results. 

Infused with billions of microscopic diamonds, Storm Diamond Pads offer cost savings and are environmentally friendly. Double-sided, they can be flipped over to use again for twice the value and they produce a hygienically clean, shiny floor with just water - no chemicals are needed. Using wet, extends the pad life and produces quicker results. Available in 6 grades, the 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 are suitable for the Burnisher, with selection dependent on floor condition and desired level of shine. The pads also fit the STG450, STG400 and other makes of scrubber dryers and rotary cleaning machines. 

For a demonstration of the Burnisher 430 and Storm Diamond Pads, call 01522 561460