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Magnum Large Pedestrian

24 September 2013

Magnum Cylinder Brush - Scrubber / Sweeper 27c - 30c - 34c

FactoryCat's Magnum floor scrubber dryer is simple in design and durable in construction, offering unmatched value for the customer & satisfaction for the operator. The Magnum cylinder floor scrubber dryer comes equipped with a traction drive which includes a powerful all-gear transaxle for climbing gradients.

While keeping with the constant durability that FactoryCat machines have to offer, the operator will find the Magnum floor scrubber dryer easy to manoeuver into tight areas, and simple to service. The deck is protected by steel guards and large polyurethane rollers to keep the unit from marking walls, with a selection of scrub widths to suit the application.

 The Cylindrical machines have the added benefit of scrubbing and sweeping debris simultaneously. This eliminates the need to pre-sweep any area which increases productivity.

 Magnum Standard Features :

•Heavy duty motors and components - Cleans better and last longer
•Tip back tanks for topside servicing - Reduce servicing cost
•Stainless steel fasterners - Easier to use and service
•Easy clean tanks - Reduce blockages and nasty smells
•Actuator assisted brush pressure - Class leading brush pressure for outstanding results

 FactoryCat Accessories : Bespoke solutions for your unique environment

 FactoryCat offer the largest range of tools and accessories for their scrubbers in the industry today, choose from the extensive range, and build a machine for the application.

See our full range at : www.factorycatuk.com