Website renewal project

17 July 2017

June 2017 saw the next release of Metsa Tissue’s renewal program. Metsa started to revamp early in 2017, but this June release is significant, and sees developments which are based on insights collected from Metsa Tissue’s annual customer survey.

The website features three main sections: Solutions & Services, Products and About Katrin. Within these sections, users can find details about all of the Katrin products, with specification sheets, images and certifications. They can also find segmentation details, to see which products are better in specific environments. 

The new web functionality associated with this release includes: Faster forward navigation with less clicks, a product browse feature with a picture oriented listing mode, ability to filter products based on having a specific certificate (such as the Nordic Ecolabel), and availability of more product pictures per product.

Information about each products certificates is on the product page. Users can also see all accessories relating to each product easily and benefit from easier product browsing via mobile devices.

Mark Dewick, MD at Metsa Tissue UK & Ireland, said: “The Katrin website development is based on what our customers tell us they want, and has all been designed to better support our Katrin brand distributor sales network."

He added: “In turn, this enables them to service their end customers more efficiently, whilst representing the Katrin brand to maximum advantage. This delivers better success for everyone involved."

The website renewal project is an ongoing process, with further updates due later this year. The Katrin web team welcomes feedback, at each stage, and a “contact us” mechanism is available at the