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TemplaCMS is delighted to be exhibiting at ISSA/INTERCLEAN

21 April 2016

With over 60 clients in the UK, Europe and Australia, TemplaCMS is now claimed to be the industry’s leading provider of fully integrated management software.

“Our clients all have two things in common. Firstly they want to grow revenue without increasing administration costs, and secondly they want to harness IT to deliver improved client service," Rick Stoor, managing director at Templa Computer Systems, said.

"We also have the advantage, as genuine software developers, of being able to fine tune our software to meet our clients’ exact requirements, rather than forcing them to take an inflexible off-the-shelf system. This is vital because despite contract cleaning in other countries sharing similarities with the UK, there are some important areas of difference – payroll being the main example."

He added: "Working with contractors in Australia, where nationally imposed pay structures apply to the cleaning industry, we have developed a new module - CMS Award Interpretation. Rules on pay scales, overtime rates, weekend premiums and so on, are now built into our clients’ payroll systems, ensuring that they automatically pay staff correctly. This led directly to us winning another major new client in Iceland, where a similar requirement exists, as it also does in Scandinavia.”

After exhibiting successfully at Ausclean in Brisbane last year, Templa Computer Systems decided to debut at ISSA/INTERCLEAN for 2016 and have booked appointments with a number of European contractors.

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