A tender subject

05 November 2015

In today’s cleaning market tenders are won and lost on the smallest of margins.

Exceeding a rival on price by as little as 0.5%, which can easily happen by over estimating Employers National Insurance Contributions (known as ERS NIC), can be enough for a client to go with the cheaper bidder.  

How can ERS NIC make the difference? When costing staff on a tender, it’s easy to overestimate the liability. Many companies play it safe and cost in a ‘company-wide’ rate between 2% and 5% of turnover. But this could automatically result in being 2% to 5% overpriced if all the staff are costed to work less than 23 hours a week, and so do not attract ERS NIC. 

The good news for those using TemplaCMS, according to Templa Computer Systems, is that the treatment of ERS NIC is an area where the system really pays its way. By combining payments to a single cleaner individual across different tasks or sites, TemplaCMS identifies the total ERS NIC attracted by that individual. In apportioning that cost across each cleaning location according to the amount paid, it shows the true percentage of turnover represented by ERS NIC at any level from single site up to whole company.