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The TemplaCMS Pay module ensures your pay run is accurate and on budget

28 April 2015

Live e-timesheets allow your area managers to view up to date pay data in real time. ‘Budget versus actual’ analysis takes place before the payroll is run, preventing costly mistakes being made.

TheTemplaCMSPay Module, lets you take complete control of your staff, your payroll and all wage-related costs, paying staff on time and in full. It reflects the realities of the cleaning industry in a way that off-the-shelf payroll software cannot do.

Those realities include:

  • Staff working across multiple sites, on different hours and rates, accruing multi-site holiday.
  • School cleaners who only work during term time.
  • The difficulty of monitoring and analysing absence.
  • The time taken to process accruals to produce a period end wage cost.
  • Time sheets that go out of date as soon as they’ve been issued because of the frequent changes to staffing levels resulting from staff turnoveras well asthestarting, amending and termination of contracts.
  • The time spent by your payroll department keying in changes to timesheets.
  • The time and postage wasted by your field managers receiving and posting back completed timesheets.

The TemplaCMSPay module, addresses all your challenges by:

  • Giving your field management on-line, remote access to timesheets in real time. In other words if a new contract starts orpay details change after timesheets have been generated, it doesn't matteras the new pay data is already loaded to the system and visible to your field managers when they come to complete the hours worked.
  • Automatically calculating an employee's annual and accrued to-date holiday for each site they work at, allowing for planned holiday to be booked and reflected in timesheets, tracking over/under holiday balances, and enabling an automated balance payment or deductionon leaving.
  • Consolidating the work of multi-site staff onto one payslip.
  • Enabling you to analyse absence by reason code at any level in the company.
  • Requiring field management to explain hours or value variances before submitting timesheets for approval to line managers via the CMS Workflow system. The payroll department have full access to review and investigate all variances during and at the end of the pay period, beforethe pay run takes place.
  • Providing a calendar function which allows the specifics of educational staff structures to be loaded, e.g. non-working weeks, annualised pay,working or non-working bank holidays.
  • Automatically generating pre-payment and accrual journals, for costs and revenues,so that your finance team don’t need to spend time calculating these for each period end.
  • Allowing you to run multiple payrolls which is useful if you aretransferring in large numbers of TUPE staff or taking over a company and want to run the payroll separately until full merger has taken place.