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Software rolled out to franchises

08 October 2018

Minster Cleaning Services is the UK’s largest franchised cleaning network, with 43 franchises and group revenue in excess of £40m.  

In 2017, the company undertook a major project to provide the franchisees with a standardised, software-based contract management platform that would relieve them of the administrative and operational pressures that cleaning brings. As a result, Minster awarded Templa the contract to install its TemplaCMS management software across an initial twenty-six franchises. Following a successful pilot project at Sheffield and Leeds, two of Minster’s largest branches, in August 2018 Minster’s group financial controller, Steve Seaton, gave the green light for rollout across the network.

Steve particularly praised Templa’s flexible attitude throughout the pilot. “Although we are essentially purchasing an off-the-shelf package, Templa has bent over backwards to accommodate some of the specific challenges facing our franchisees, as well as incorporating into the software the natural segregation lines between the branches.”

Rick Stoor, Templa’s MD, is particularly pleased with progress. “Minster is our first franchised client. Working alongside Steve and his team has given us the opportunity to develop a very close understanding of the franchised cleaning model and we now look forward to engaging with other franchised providers who are keen to support their branches in a similar way.”