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SpaceVac 1100 Exterior System

10 April 2014

SpaceVac 1100 SPV1100 Gutter cleaning and high level exterior vacuum cleaning system Complete system with 50mm diameter poles, wireless camera/monitor & accessories

The SpaceVac 1100 is an industrial standard gutter cleaning and high level vacuum cleaning system that offers an unbeatable combination of power, durability, ease of use and low maintenance costs. Specifically developed for demanding medium to heavy duty commercial and industrial gutter cleaning applications, the SpaceVac 1100 integrates lightweight yet durable 50mm diameter carbon fibre poles with a high power, high volume wet & dry vacuum unit, a wireless camera/monitor system and specialist tools for gutter cleaning. The use of 50mm diameter poles is crucial as extensive research has proven that only these ensure blockage free operation (unlike inferior systems that use narrower poles). The 'sit down' system for handling and emptying, the fully aiutomatic 'Xtreme Clean' filter cleaning system and the large surface washable PET filter cartridge make the SpaceVac 1100 a highly efficient system to both use and maintain.

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