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New generation of high level and gutter cleaners

14 May 2015

A new generation of high reach indoor and gutter cleaning equipment has been launched by Spacevac Technologies.

Operated from ground level, the system has four major features. It removes operational guesswork as it has a close circuit TV camera on the cleaning head; it is claimed to reach higher than any other product – 5 storeys (16 metres) indoors or outdoors; has high suction power from a Nilfisk Alto vacuum; and its carbon fibre tubes make it really light to use.  


It is claimed that it can be assembled 40% faster than any product, by only one person. The poles have a new locking system to eliminate tube blockages.

In addition to the many health and safety benefits and the elimination of costly scaffolds or cherry pickers, Spacevac is economical on assembly time – a mere 3 minutes.  The high powered vacuum ensures that high beams and gutters are cleaned faster and more efficiently with less operator time. You can see that the job has been completed effectively by viewing activity on a laptop or smartphone.