Compostable gloves

26 March 2024

CROMWELL, A company with 40 years of business, has launched a new product, the 'glovelee' compostable glove range.

The latest addition to Cromwell’s product family is Compostable Gloves, under the new brand ‘glovelee’ – a play on the name of the directors and founders of Cromwell. Developed following the success of its compostable liner range, which is popular in food service and local authority sectors, the company has extended this range with the growing requirement to improve the handling of food waste. After exploring the marketing, and focusing on the needs of its customers, Cromwell decided to introduce a new range of gloves, which are made from compostable material and compliant with food-safe standards – ‘glovelee’.


Both the gloves and the packaging are made from EN13432 certificated compostable material, which breaks down and becomes metabolised by microorganisms when disposed of in both home and industrial composting. These gloves are suitable for the food service industry and are powder-free, BPA-free and food grade, so are industry safe to use in kitchen and catering environments. After use, they can simply be placed in with the organic waste, and they will break-down in six to eight weeks during home or industrial composting. With EN13432 certification the latex and powder free design is said to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritations, ensuring a safer option for individuals with latex allergies and skin sensitivities. 

The gloves themselves come in a range of four different sizes from S to XL, and each compostable pack contains 100 gloves, with there being 40 packs in each carton, allowing for 4000 pieces per box.

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