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Ioning out chemicals in cleaning

07 March 2013

The Activeion ionator EXP, removes dirt,kills bacteria and reduces infection risk without using chemicals

The Activeion ionator EXP, removes dirt,kills bacteria and reduces infection risk without using chemicals

The Activeion ionator EXP is a handheld active tap-water ioniser - a chemical-free cleaning tool that activates and converts tap water into ionised water.The ionised water has been proven to kill 99.9% of common bacteria and the H1N1 Type A 2009 swine flu virus on surfaces, says the company.

The trigger-spray bottle is filled with half a litre of tap water.When the trigger is pressed, a 12V diaphragm pump starts a continuous flow of water.The tap water passes through a water cell that applies a small electrical charge, activating the water. It then goes through an ionexchange membrane and is separated into an oxygenrich mixture of positively and negatively charged nanobubbles.

The activated water breaks down dirt from most surfaces including glass, stainless steel,wood, carpet, natural stone,marble and clothing.

A sustainability study, co-authored by Professor Jack Geibig, director of the Center for Clean Products at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA and the environmental sustainability group EcoForum, compared Activeion products with traditional cleaning detergents across seven critical environmental and health categories.

In every environmental category - energy consumption, ozone production,smog, acids, eutrophication (water pollution caused by plant nutrients), particulates and greenhouse warming gases - the benefit of switching to Activeion for cleaning was greater than 97%, says the company.

André G. Krell, general manager,Activeion (Europe) GmbH argues that a third of the cleaning chemicals used today have ingredients that can be harmful.

"It's time to switch to a completely chemical-free way to clean that also protects," says Krell. "Our certified tests show how well our products perform on microorganisms under a six second spray period at approximately 7 to 10 centimeters away.A quick spray cleans dirt and eliminates bacteria, improving health all around." The Activeion product has the highest possible safety profile as determined by the TURI (Toxic Use Reduction Institute - Surface Solutions Laboratory, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA).Contact the company to become a distributor.

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