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Sporicide combines high-performance with residual efficacy

25 October 2022

TRISTEL HAS announced it is the only company to succeed in combining chlorine dioxide’s sporicidal power with residual efficacy in JET PRO.

The product delivers a sporicidal foam that continues to kill bacteria and enveloped viruses for up to eight hours after just one application with any spreader, even sustainable, plastic-free wipes.

Using powerful proprietary chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) chemistry, JET PRO is proven sporicidal according to EN 17126 in just one minute. 

Simultaneously, a protective shield is placed between the patient and potentially harmful bacteria and enveloped viruses for up to eight hours. The long-lasting protection technology, made of a proprietary polymer, contains active components that absorb and attach JET PRO disinfectant to surfaces for prolonged disinfection. 

 As JET PRO dries, the unique structure of its prolonged protection technology leaves an invisible shield that anchors disinfectant to surfaces. The technology then enables ongoing disinfectant efficacy that is deadly to bacteria and enveloped viruses of concern. As surfaces such as door handles, bed rails, elevator buttons and light switches are touched repeatedly, the JET PRO protective shield eventually wears away. To refresh its sporicidal action and long-lasting protection, JET PRO can then be reapplied.

Proven long-lasting efficacy with PAS 2424 testing

JET PRO is proven effective according to PAS 2424, a test method to evaluate a disinfectant’s long- lasting antimicrobial activity. After drying microorganisms and an interfering substance onto a defined surface, JET PRO is then applied. Over 24 hours, three abrasion and re-contamination cycles are performed, simulating the high-touch exposure of the surface in-between disinfectant treatments. The level of any surviving microbes is then measured to test the long-lasting efficacy of the disinfectant.

PAS 2424 test data proves that JET PRO provides residual antimicrobial activity for up to eight hours. 

JET PRO and the Cache Collection – the sustainable option for surfaces

To cut ties with single-use, pre-wetted plastic surface wipes, JET PRO decouples the ClO2 chemistry from the wipe until the point of use. JET PRO users can choose their wipe with sustainability and practicality in mind with EN 16615 compliance and without sacrificing EN 17126-compliant sporicidal efficacy. As a result, hospital procurement teams can dramatically reduce the amount of single-use, pre-wetted plastic surface wipes on order without impacting disinfection efficacy for front-line users.

JET PRO as part of Cache, an eco-conscious collection of sporicidal surface disinfectants, is designed with sustainability in mind.

Each box of JET PRO contains two bottles of chemistry, and both the bottles and the caps are recyclable. Plus, JET PRO trigger heads are built to last and reusable. 

The Cache Collection brings sustainability into NHS practices, without impacting the safety and sporicidal efficacy of surface disinfection. Create a complete and sustainable cleaning and disinfection protocol for your hospital with Cache, and find out more here. https://cachecollection.co.uk/

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