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Hako - keeping Britain clean

05 May 2020

Cleanliness is a vital part of any organisation. Only by following strict cleaning procedures and using the right equipment can you expect to maintain the highest levels of hygiene.  

Ensuring the correct levels of cleanliness and hygiene in both hospitals, food preparation environments and areas frequented by key workers is now even more important than ever. The requirement is not just for things to look clean, they have to be deep cleaned. 

When it comes to cleaning supermarkets, hospitals, food and logistics facilities, or industrial floors: Hako’s Scrubmaster models carry out their task quietly, effectively and efficiently.

From the compact Scrubmaster B3 that easily fit into the boot of a car to hygiene-specialist machines – such as the Scrubmaster B30 – designed for demanding more working environments – Hako’s walk-behind scrubber-driers provide outstanding, efficient wet-cleaning of hard floor surfaces. Perfectly suited for working in narrow aisles and corridors, Hako’s ride-on machines such as the Scrubmaster B75R offer both combined scrubbing and drying in one efficient pass. 

“Powered by a Lithium battery, the compact and lightweight Scrubmaster B3, offers a full 60 minutes of run time from a single charge. The B3’s collapsible tie bar allows the machine to be easily stored away when not in use. The B3’s large 41cm cleaning head allows you to cover more area in less time. Its user-friendly nature and clear operation make floor cleaning in tight or confined spaces a doddle,” said Hako sales director, industry, Craig Metcalf.

Infection prevention and control is high on the current agenda for all key decision-makers across hospitals and primary care facilities in the UK. Hako now offer an extended range of machines that can be specified with their innovative Antibac technology which is incorporated into the dirty water recovery tanks. The technology provides continuous antibacterial properties which help to eliminate up to 99.9% of most common bacterial strains. The system reduces the need to use disinfectant during tank cleaning, providing increased environmental protection and reduced lifetime costs. It also provides better personnel protection due to reduced contact with bacteria, mould and spores when cleaning the tank.

 "The thing that makes Hako different is our people, a scrubber drier will do a job, but it’s THE job that is important to us and our customers. The only way our business can develop is by listening to customers and by giving them what they need, which in these unprecedented times is even more important than ever," said Hako UK managing director, Sylvie Giangolini.

Now more than ever, not carrying out cleaning and disinfection correctly can have serious consequences. Don’t leave it to chance, speak to Hako's friendly team of experts and invest in the best solution tailored to your exact your needs. 

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