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Be a good sport from the ground up

07 March 2013

Make the right impression in sports facilities with new floor finishes from Granwax

Make the right impression in sports facilities with new floor finishes from Granwax

Granwax Flooring has launched two exclusive new products to its 'Total' range of wood floor finishes - Sport 1K and Sport 2K.

The finishes are suitable for specialised commercial applications such as sports halls, gymnasiums and other locations used for sporting activities where durability is of prime importance.

Sports floors are continuously exposed to extremely heavy traffic which can leave them looking old and worn, and eventually cause irreparable damage if not properly finished and protected.

A sports floor is a costly investment for any facilities manager; not only does it need to provide the right degree of traction for a sports surface and have extreme durability, it needs to have a quality appearance as this can have a big impact on the perception of a leisure venue.Granwax's Sport finishes offer a resolution to this problem, ensuring 'a hard wearing and beautiful finish every time'.

Granwax Sport 1K, like all of Granwax's floor finishes, is comprised of a specially developed water-based polyurethane formula.Containing only one component, Sport 1K provides a resilient and long-lasting finish as well as excellent damage and chemical resistant properties.The Sports 1K finish is suitable for use on wood block, strip and parquet flooring, and can be used to treat both new and refurbished sports floors.

Sport 2K comprises all of the benefits of the Sport 1K finish, but being a two pack system has increased durability making it suitable for sports floors with extremely heavy traffic.

"Granwax has been a trusted name in wooden floor finishes for nearly 100 years, and as such we take pride in producing high quality, highly durable products," says Carl Blythe,Granwax director.

"Sport 1K and Sport 2K are no exception, providing contractors with an easy to use, fast drying formula that is ideal for sports floors.

"In addition, both Sport 1K and Sport 2K have VOC levels of less than 90 grams per litre,making them safe for use in confined areas as well as meeting the EU air quality legislation regarding VOC's." Sport 1K and Sport 2K are available in a Satin (low sheen) finish in 5ltr bottles, from selected hardware stores and distributors.