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New mini system mops up

07 March 2013

Vileda's ultraspeed mop now comes in a new mini format

Vileda's ultraspeed mop now comes in a new mini format

The UltraSpeed mop from Vileda Professional has just down-sized and become even more adaptable.

In its new 'Mini' format the latest addition to the UltraSpeed family combines all the ergonomic performance and hygiene benefits of the existing UltraSpeed range in a small compact system.

Created specifically for small area cleaning (10m-30m2), the new UltraSpeed Mini is light, durable and offers a whole host of applications.

It combines a compact 10 litre bucket with a flat mop system.As well as efficient cleaning of small floor areas, its microfibre mop is equally adept at cleaning walls, skirtings, staircases and tiled areas. UltraSpeed Mini is particularly adept accessing difficult to reach areas behind pipes and toilets.

Vileda says tests show that compared to traditional cotton socket mops, UltraSpeed Mini removes stubborn dirt 50.8% faster, cleans a 20m2 area 54% faster and floors dry over three minutes faster.

Aimed particularly at the GBC and HoReCa markets, the UltraSpeed Mini also has applications in healthcare and retail cleaning.

It's available as a starter kit complete with bucket, bionic press wringer,mop pad and frame.Mop pads have cut off colour coded tags.The SafeMop option is for use on rough and safety flooring.

"UltraSpeed has changed the way large areas are cleaned; UltraSpeed Mini is set to do the same for small area cleaning," says Steve Barber,Vileda Professional's regional marketing manager.

Please contact the company for more information on this or any of the other Ultraspeed products.