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Improve long-term hygiene behaviours with educational resources

28 May 2021

THE COVID-19 pandemic has brought infection transmission and control to the forefront of our collective consciousness.

Widespread government guidance campaigns mean that many of us are aware that social distancing, face coverings and hand hygiene are the recommended behaviours for keeping ourselves and those around us safe.

With people starting to come back into workplaces, now is a great opportunity for facility managers to take an even more proactive role in helping make this return as safely as possible. Often overlooked, one area that can have a real impact on the long-term safety of a facility is helping people change their attitude and behaviours towards hygiene. 

Looking beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and to help make the most of this opportunity to improve hygiene behaviours, SC Johnson Professional has collaborated with leading hygiene expert Professor Sally Bloomfield to create the ‘8 Moments for Targeted Hygiene’ guidance for workplaces and public facilities. 

The guidance identifies 8 high risk moments for spreading infection and through SC Johnson Professional’s Targeted Hygiene Programme, facility managers can combine essential products with impactful educational resources to help people in facilities change their behaviour around hygiene. 

In this article, we look at the educational resources available; how this can help the essential work done by cleaning staff and facility managers and how we can encourage those who work in, use and visit a facility to change their attitude towards hygiene.

For cleaning staff & facility managers
Cleaning staff and facility managers have a huge role to play when it comes to helping reduce the risk of infection transmission in workplaces and public facilities. To support these essential workers, SC Johnson Professional have created a concise set of tools, including a whitepaper and programme guide, that set out an easily implementable approach to addressing the 8 high-risk moments for transmission, including where to locate the right hygiene products in a workplace or public facility.

This is supported by an educational video and user presentation that introduces staff and site visitors to the 8 Moments concept and shows them how they can make a positive contribution to infection control. 

Helping to brief and train staff and sub-contractors on site, the programme is complete with training on the 8 Moments For Targeted Hygiene which includes introductory videos and presentations, how to guides, handwashing and sanitising technique guides and hand out cards with hygiene prompts.

Installing the right hygiene infrastructure in a facility is the first vital step. Breaking the chain of infection relies on people taking hygiene actions at the moments of highest risk. Key to helping them do this is raising awareness and prompting people to take hygiene actions when moving in and around a workplace or public facility.

Two actions that can have a big impact are placing hygiene products in the right locations and making them highly visible with signage and posters that help show why a hygiene action is important at that moment. To help, SC Johnson Professional have developed awareness materials such as posters, wall signs and header-cards for sanitiser stands. These materials not only act as reminders but they also help educate users on best practice hand washing and sanitising techniques.
In addition to signage, a presentation, best practice ‘How To’ videos and personal-issue cards, which exemplify the hand or surface hygiene actions to be taken as an individual site user, are also available as part of the programme.

The Targeted Hygiene Programme brings together the key elements which can help break the chain of infection. Based on the scientific know-how, it combines an approach which helps identify the 8 moments when the risk of infection transmission is highest in a facility, along with the method of placing hygiene products in the right location and the tools to help prompt people to make a change to their hygiene behaviours.  

Helping you do this, as part of the Targeted Hygiene Programme, SC Johnson Professional have a team of experts that can provide you with expert support, product placement advice, technical queries and even on-site site audits and staff training, tailored to your facility and users’ needs.

Find out more about the SC Johnson Professional Targeted Hygiene Programme today!