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Water-saving solution reaches awards final

28 February 2017

HSG UK's innovative solution for saving water is a finalist of the Cummins Environmental Gateway.

HSG UK submitted their idea after Cummins, the largest independent maker of diesel engines and related products in the world, called on innovators of all sizes to come forward with sustainable innovations to help Cummins achieve their environmental targets in the UK.

The Cummins Environmental Gateway, launched in partnership with Marcela Navarro, CEO of Business Cubed (formerly responsible for the successful launch and deployment of the RBS Innovation Gateway), is looking for green and innovative suppliers to positively impact Cummins 2020 Environmental targets whilst promoting supplier inclusion. 

The project team, led by Denis Ford, Corporate Indirect Purchasing Leader EMEA, NE/SE Asia & South Pacific at Cummins, is delighted with the quality of the finalists. “We have been very impressed with the quality of the innovations received and even more with the potential for environmental impact and savings. HSG UK should be very proud to be a finalist in the Cummins Environmental Gateway”.

HSG UK was launched in 2007 and as designers and manufactures of the Ureco urinal sleeve system, have become a market leader in washroom water conservation. The principle product is the Ureco urinal sleeve which works in conjunction with the Uretech water management system to reduce water consumption by up to 96%.

Selena Tombs, sales & marketing director, said: “We are delighted to be a finalist in the Cummins Environmental Gateway, it is a fantastic opportunity for innovators to demonstrate the viability of their products and prove their worth. The Gateway provides a real opportunity to work with Cummins in helping to reduce water consumption across their estate.

The Ureco Water Management System will provide instant benefits, as once installed the system has been designed to reduce the running costs of a typical urinal, whilst improving the efficiency, aesthetics, and the overall washroom environment. Using the latest in enzyme and urinal sleeve technology – in partnership with our innovative Uretech Water Manager – the Ureco instantly reduces water usage, eradicates urinal smells, crystallised uric salt blockages and urine stained traps making the Ureco essential for every urinal.”

HSG UK was one of over 100 companies from across the globe that submitted an innovation to the Cummins Environmental Gateway when Cummins UK launched the programme back in August 2016.

Their idea will be presented on 2nd March to a high calibre panel who will decide which innovations will have the opportunity to be implemented, and if successful, scaled up, on Cummins sites in the UK. 

Selena Tombs said: “Projects like the Cummins Environmental Gateway provide an excellent opportunity for us to gain more exposure nationally so that we can demonstrate the benefits of our products first hand, accelerating our market growth."

Finalists like HSG UK, if successful, will have the opportunity to test their innovations in Cummins sites in the UK.