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TemplaCMS Integrated Contract Management Software improves your profitability

28 April 2015

Unlock the profit potential of your company by using IT to automate and speed up every day processes. Release your field management to look after staff and customers, rather than waste time on administration. TemplaCMS helps you budget, gives you clear visibility of expenditure, supports your operations and sales teams in their roles and reassures clients that you are serious about customer service.

Templa CMS is a contract management software package designed specifically for cleaning companies. It stores all the information required to manage your contracts in a central contract database and delivers tight control of all your business processes through its modular design. It helps you maintain financial control whilst delivering the highest standards of quality assurance and customer service.

As a standard feature the software is fully integrated with and shares information from our preferred financial accounting and payroll package. However, the software can also be run alongside any alternate, recognised accounting software, yet still preserving the advanced functionality of a fully integrated solution.

The CMS Mobile App additionally enables field-based staff equipped with tablets to access contract data and complete a wide range of key tasks whilst on site.

CMS is available to rent or purchase.

The Core System and Service Point modules include:


 · Contracts  · Budgets  · Pay
 · Work-bills  · Stores  · Billing
 · Customer Service  · Quality Audits  · Mobile CMS
 · Customer Portal  · Equipment  · Analytics
 · Workflow  · Accounts  · Dashboards

 Modules in preparation during 2015 include: Telesales and Quotation Manager

Templa CMS is a leading edge solution and has many features not available from competitors. This is achieved through ongoing research and customer feedback, promoting a highly proactive development programme and resulting in a steady flow of upgrades and new releases.
Having recently achieved a successful launch in Australia & New Zealand, Templa CMS has demonstrated its ability to adapt to new challenges and to provide a solid foundation for any cleaning business.