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Water-fed poles get ahead by a neck

07 March 2013

With the latest Unger MultiLink Gooseneck System,window cleaning is like precision aerobatics

With the latest Unger MultiLink Gooseneck System,window cleaning is like precision aerobatics

Aerobatics may seem like an unfortunate simile when discussing window-cleaning at height, but is it? Everybody knows a fighter aircraft can crash, but it's the remarkable ability of the Red Arrows pilots to place a fast aircraft precisely where it needs to be, over and over again, month in, month out, that we all admire. It is the precision, the reliability, and the certainty of delivering the result that is the principal quality of the aerobatic display team - and of the Unger HiFloTM Pure Water MultiLink Gooseneck System.

That may be a mouthful, but it is a mouthful that every window cleaner needs to get to know, because this is one system that can both make life easier, and get the job done better.

Let's face it, the principal problem faced by a window cleaner using a water-fed pole to clean windows, or cladding, or anything external and high above the ground, is simply that of bringing the brush, the squeegee or any other tool to bear effectively on the surface to be cleaned, despite whatever obstructions might be making that difficult. If something is in the way, and the pressure of the brush or squeegee is oblique rather than at right angles to the surface, it both feels wrong and does a less than perfect job.

Neck and neck What Unger has done is to come up with a more versatile and much improved water-fed pole system. It starts at ground level with an Unger HiFloTM source of pure water, which is attached to any of four different Unger HiFloTM water-fed poles, aluminium, carbon-fibre, modular or telescopic.The pole can be screwed into any multiple combination of four alternative goosenecks, to which any one of a system of five different brushes can be fitted on the end to do the cleaning. Or you can fit a squeegee if you want a squeegee.

You can, for example, assemble a diversion of goosenecks to go around a flue pipe that is in the way, or an assembly of goosenecks that presents the brush accurately to the underside of a soffitt to be able to apply pressure to clean it.The whole system is designed to distribute forces as they need to be distributed to get the job done really well and, above all safely.

Using various combinations of HiFloTM Pure Water MultiLink Gooseneck components to modify and adjust the HiFloTM pole set-up so that the brush on the end points at anything that needs washing at any angle, you can safely wash just about anything - satellite dishes, solar panels, large vehicles, aircraft and freight containers.The system allows you to adjust and lock a brush in any position through 360°. Nearly every working angle and distance can be achieved with subtle adjustment of an Unger waterfed pole and the MultiLink Gooseneck components that are used to get the brush to reach the key place. Nothing is impossible.

If you would like to give it a try for yourself, call the number in the box and we will fix a demonstration. Can't guarantee the Red Arrows will be there, but Unger could be a close second best.