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Children’s Hand Hygiene

25 April 2014

– The Evans Vanodine Bug Busting Team

Evans Vanodine has introduced its own unique characters to help teach children the importance of washing their hands. Edward, Emily and 6 handwashing related germs have been designed to appeal to children and make handwashing fun and educational.

Boys and girls stickers are available for personalising the Evans Evolve soap dispenser, along with a laminated washroom poster and reward stickers to give out to children, at schools and nurseries, once they have taken part in a handwashing lesson. These are all available FREE OF CHARGE from our distributors, or direct from us, upon purchase of the Evans Evolve dispenser.

We have also created support material and lesson plans for teachers and games, puzzles and activities for children, which are all available via download from the dedicated Edward and Emily website. These are aimed at reinforcing the habit of good hand hygiene and encouraging children to involve their parents too.

The scheme has been trialled in schools, to both infants and juniors, and has been a great success. Children and teachers alike joined in the fun of a handwashing lesson and were rewarded with stickers and posters to help carry on the good work.

Find out more at www.childrenshandwashing.com