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WEIR relaunched as GreenTick

13 January 2022

EVANS VANODINE has reviewed and expanded its range of low environmental impact products.

The company's GreenTick system, previously know as WEIR, is an innovative system for classifying our products according to their overall environmental impact, which scores each product based on eight different criteria. The criteria selected are used to create a holistic lifecycle view of the processes and product and now align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Every chemical has some impact on the environment, even water. One advantage of scoring all our products against GreenTick methodology is that it enables us to highlight the lowest impact product within each product category. This helps users to choose the lowest impact product suitable for their cleaning task. Using a low impact product to carry out a cleaning task in the wrong circumstance does not serve the best interest of the environment, therefore it is important to: ‘select the right product for the job, use the recommended dilution rate, dispose of the chemical responsibly.’ This applies whether using one of our GreenTick products or any other Evans Vanodine product.

The GreenTick system scores every product across our entire range - the lower the impact, the lower the score. Products which achieve the lowest score within their category are identified with a GreenTick logo on the label.

As a company that formed over 100 years ago, we can in some ways say that we have been sustainable. However, until this past year, we have we not looked at sustainability as a separate topic. As we have extended and improved, so too has our knowledge on how we can improve the environmental management systems within our company and how to fit sustainability into this officially.

Evans Vanodine took the decision to monitor our carbon footprint in 2018. To focus our efforts, and drive us to improve, we teamed up with ‘Planet Mark’ and are now in our second year of certification. Improvements in our practices have so far produced a 15% reduction in our carbon footprint and we are committed to continuing to reduce this.

We have now implemented our 5-year sustainability strategy, with targets set for various categories such as waste, carbon reduction, plastic and social responsibility. These are then broken down into specific subcategories where we have projects on going - for example, looking at reducing our electricity usage by 5% and decreasing the effluent we discharge to drain by 10%. Our plastic category is looking at Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) content and where we can add this safely into our range. And with social responsibility, we want to not only be looking after our staff but also reaching out into our wider community with sponsorships and support for local charities.

As we continue our commitments to sustainability, we will keep you informed via social media posts and article updates on the website.

Please also visit our dedicated environment website to find out more www.evansgreentick.com