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Thames Valley Air Ambulance receive donation

26 June 2024

THE DIRECTORS of Chiltern Hygiene Services Ltd and Momentum Facilities Management Ltd have announced their recent donation to the Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

In a gesture of community support and gratitude for the vital services provided by the air ambulance team, a cheque for £450 was presented to the charity. The donation included £200 from the IWSA (Independent Washroom Services Association) for which Chiltern Hygiene has been a member for a number of years.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance plays a crucial role in providing life-saving medical care and rapid transportation for critically ill and injured patients across the region.

"We are honoured to support Thames Valley Air Ambulance and contribute to their ongoing efforts to save lives," said Mark Durn, director of Chiltern Hygiene Services. "Their dedication and expertise are invaluable to our community, and we are proud to assist in ensuring they can continue their vital work."

Joanne Youens, director of Momentum Facilities Management, added: "Our donation is a small token of appreciation for the incredible service Thames Valley Air Ambulance provides. We hope it helps them in their mission to deliver critical care and emergency medical support to those in need."

The cheque was presented at a special event attended by representatives from Thames Valley Air Ambulance, as well as staff members from both Chiltern Hygiene Services and Momentum Facilities Management. The event highlighted the importance of community support and collaboration in maintaining and enhancing local emergency services.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance relies on donations and community support to fund its operations and provide advanced medical care. The directors of Chiltern Hygiene Services and Momentum Facilities Management encourage other businesses and individuals to consider supporting this vital charity.

For more information about Thames Valley Air Ambulance and how you can support their work, please visit https://www.tvairambulance.org.uk/