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Three is the magic number

07 March 2013

'Three new Truvox vacs to brighten your day' says the company

'Three new Truvox vacs to brighten your day' says the company

New from Truvox International this Spring are three new models in its versatile range of vacuum cleaners.The Valet Upright Vac, the Valet Tub Vac and the Valet VT12 between them provide a range of capabilities to cover a whole spread of commercial, healthcare and educational requirements.'And they look good - pleasing design to make the day feel better', says Truvox.

The new Valet Upright replaces the Truvox Commercial Vac and is primarily intended for use in offices, hotels, nursing homes, schools and wherever there are large areas of carpet or covered floor and a heavy footfall.The valet Upright is compact and manoeuvrable yet powerful, with a 1200-watt motor, a 37cm cleaning path cleaning right to the edge and a commercial-strength metal brush roll for maximum performance and toughness.The Quickdraw wand provides a 3.6m cleaning reach and the on-board cleaning tools are easy to get to. Three-stage filtration includes a HEPA 10 filter to keep airborne particulate to a minimum.

Also just announced is the Valet Tub Vac, a compact lightweight tub vacuum with the essential manoeuvrability needed for the healthcare, education and office sectors.With a powerful 1400-watt motor and four-stage filtration including a HEPA 10 filter, the Valet Tub Vac keeps hold of all dust of 0.3 micron or larger and has a 5-litre dust capacity. A fullbag indicator light tells the user when the bag needs replacing, or warns the operator of a blockage, should one occur, so eliminating the risk of damage to the motor.

The third new vac on the block is the Valet VT12, a very compact yet powerful 1200- watt machine with a 6-litre dust bag and a combination floor tool that is effective on both hard and soft floor coverings.A 12.5m power cable and a 2.5m hose gives this lightweight machine greater reach than you would have imagined and the large wheels make it easy to move from room to room or building to building.

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