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Portable hand hygiene unit

07 March 2013

Duplex Cleaning Machines is to launch the Vapawash hand hygiene unit

Duplex Cleaning Machines is to launch the Vapawash hand hygiene unit

The new Vapawash hand hygiene unit will have its international launch at ISSA Interclean. See it and use it on stand 01.112c, says the company.

The Vapawash is a new solution to achieving consistent levels of hand hygiene among all users. It has been invented by Duplex Cleaning Machines and is being manufactured in the UK. It combines water vapour and specially designed Vapasan soap in a fast, automated process.

At the show visitors will be able to use a number of Vapawash units.Their hands will be left clean, dry and sanitised to a log 10 reduction of over 4.Using water vapour allows the unit to be totally portable and means it can be used in almost any location.No plumbing is required - all that's needed is a mains power supply.

'Some of our most experienced and knowledgeable team members will be available on the stand to discuss with visitors the cost savings they can expect from replacing traditional hand hygiene methods with the VapaWash', says Duplex.Compared to 'under tap' hand washing, it's claimed the Vapawash uses substantially less water and soap. It also eliminates the need for paper towels,making it a sustainable solution.

Biological test results are shown in full on www.vapawash.com.

End users who would be interested to trial Vapawash are invited to contact Duplex.